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About Crosby Cattle Co.

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The Story of Crosby Cattle Company

The Crosby ranching legacy began in 1957, but it wasn’t until about six years ago that Alec Crosby took over the cattle company and, through much planning and perseverance, transformed it into a premier beef operation. Crosby Cattle Company currently handles around 1,200 animals per year.

Alec Crosby

Born of humble beginnings and hard work

Growing up on a farm, Alec Crosby learned the value of good, honest work and stick-to-itiveness. It’s what allowed him to expand the business in 2020. Originally, Crosby Cattle Co. worked directly with feedlots, but Alec wanted to be able to share the premium beef that came from his ranch with the community, and today he is proud to be a direct-to-consumer operator.

True farm-to-table freshness

For some, the term “farm-to-table” is a buzzword. For us, it’s a way of life. Our cattle are ranch-raised to ensure the highest of quality. We use minimal processing and no artificial additives. Our core values of quality, integrity and commitment to customers are what drive us every day. That means early mornings and late nights. It means long road trips to ensure our deliveries make it right to your doorstep on time. And it means upholding our family standards in everything we do. Sometimes it’s not the easy way, but it’s always the right way.